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Addy Awards

The ADDY® Awards is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting more than 50,000 entries every year in local ADDY® competitions across the United States. AAF Pensacola honors the Pensacola area’s best creative work each year with our local ADDY® competition. More than 200 entries were judged last year.

About the American Advertising Awards

AAF Pensacola’s annual ADDY® Awards Show honors the advertising work of Pensacola area creative minds. Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the AAF Pensacola ADDY® Awards are the first of a three-tiered national competition. Across the country, local entrants vie for recognition as the very best in their markets. At the second tier, local winners compete against other winners in one of 14 District competitions. District winners are then forwarded to the third tier, the national ADDY® Awards competition. Entry in the 2013 AAF Pensacola ADDY® Awards competition is the first step toward winning a National ADDY®.

Submissions from members and non-members alike are welcome. Work can be submitted by individuals or from agencies. Additionally, submissions from freelancers and corporate communications personnel are encouraged.

Entering the ADDY® competition supports our entire industry. AAF Pensacola uses the proceeds to enhance advertising through programs such as public service, internships, advocacy groups, advertising education, legislative monitoring and consumer awareness.

The Student ADDY® Awards is also a three-tier national competition, which is sponsored by the AAF and the National Ad 2. Occurring in conjunction with the prestigious ADDY® Awards, the Student ADDY® Awards recognize and reward creative excellence by students.