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Join AAF Pensacola!

AAF Pensacola


Whether your interest centers on social, education, technology or finance, we have a committee (or two) that need you. The committee chairs welcome the contributions and assistance from all members. Plus it’s a great way to network and help shape the direction of AAF Pensacola.

Member Services

This committee is responsible for attracting new members and ensuring that recently joined members feel welcome and remain happy about their decision to join. Committee members act as the public face of the organization – greeting event participants, making calls to new and growing businesses and encouraging individuals to join.

The Membership Committee

  • Develops strategies to attract new members.
  • Develop member retention programs
  • Peer recognition of current members
  • Communicate benefits of AAF Pensacola membership to prospects and members.
  • Distribution of new member packets to prospects.
  • Work with Secretary on membership roster, adding prospects, etc.
  • Welcoming members/guests at meetings.

Chaired by: Diane Farris


Finds and books industry leading speakers for our luncheons who are interesting, entertaining and can speak to relevant issues. Also includes planning educational events for our members.

The Program Committee

  • Secure Speakers for Luncheon Learns.
  • Contacting, confirming, accommodations as needed.
  • Arrange for audio visual needs of speakers.
  • Negotiate meeting location and food arrangements.
  • Coordinate with Marketing & PR on meeting announcements.
  • Retrieve RSVP’s for meeting.
  • Secure and present speaker gift.
  • Take photos at all events for PR and website.

Chaired by: Samantha Merritt


The Networking Committee identifies and plans social events for all demographics of the federation by investigating and securing potential locations to host special events.  In addition, the Networking Committee works with Marketing & Public Relations committee on all creative for event materials and publicity for each event.

The Networking Committee

  • Provides networking opportunities between members and potential members.
  • Plans monthly AdFed :30 social.
  • Secures locations for social events.

Chair not assigned


Responsible for planning, executing and hosting the ADDY’s event, the annual creative awards show. This includes managing the Call for Entries, judging, awards and throwing the gala event.

The ADDY Committee

  • Determines date for event, location, and food.
  • Collateral materials – Call for Entry, Invitation to Gala, Winners Book, Programs.
  • Call for entry day/entry lodging, checking of categories.
  • Notification of winners.
  • Awards presentation (program, entertainment, audio visual), volunteers.
  • Ordering and checking awards.
  • Preparation of winners for forwarding to district competition.

Chaired by: Stacie Dice

Media Auction

Every year, AAF Pensacola conducts a Media Auction. It’s a chance to raise funds and offset costs while also connecting businesses and individuals with valuable media properties and marketing services. The Media Auction has quickly become one of the most successful and anticipated events of our year, and it’s never too early to start cultivating sponsors, contributors and publicity for this springtime event.

The Auction Committee

  • Coordinate and manage annual Media Auction – live and silent auction to raise money for AAF Pensacola general operating funds.
  • Coordinate with Communications Committee on the online portion of the auction.
  • Arrange solicitation, gathering and cataloging of all donations.
  • Arrange staffing and organization of check-out system.
  • Develop and implement partnerships with outside businesses/organizations to increase attendance and donations.

Chaired by: Beau Vignes


Creating an active bridge between classroom and career is the goal of our Education committee. The Education Committee serves as a resource for area colleges and universities through events such as the Student ADDY awards, educational tours, seminars, portfolio reviews, and mentoring opportunities.

The Education Committee

  • Encourages member companies to provide full or partial professional internships.
  • Works with UWF and PSC to develop opportunities for students such as portfolio reviews
  • Encourages student participation in the ADDY Awards.
  • Encourages student attendance at monthly Luncheon Learns and networking events.

Chair not assigned

Public Service

One of the goals of AAF Pensacola is to assist nonprofit organizations in the promotion of their causes. The purpose of the Public Service Committee is to make use of the advertising and marketing expertise found within the organization to affect a positive impact to a selected non-profit entity within the Pensacola Bay Area.

The Public Service Committee

  • Determines nonprofit client.
  • Works with client to develop advertising/marketing plan.
  • Solicits donated services for advertising/marketing materials.
  • Prepares advertising/marketing materials.

Chaired by: Cecilia Chappotin

Legislative Affairs

The Legislative Affairs Committee is charged with keepming up on the latest regulations and proposed changes that can affect our industry and is a priority to our organization. This committee monitors legislative activity affecting the advertising industry, and lobbies for positive change.

The Legislative Committee

  • Keeps abreast of area and national legislative actions involving advertising.
  • Formulates a list of club members with legislative contacts annually.
  • Keeps members informed on local, state and national legislative issues.
  • Gets to know local, state and federal representatives.
  • Leads a grassroots effort when called upon by the District Chair of AAF.
  • Plans meetings with our legislative delegation during the annual Rally In Tally at the state capitol
  • Attends all board and membership meeting, district conference in March.

Chaired by: Mike Bates


Ensures the club supports and recognizes advertising practitioners who are members of cultural minorities in our market. This committee also works with our Membership and Programs Committees to ensure that the needs and interests of our diverse membership are being met.

How do we talk to the fastest growing market segments using media that reaches and language that resonates? How can we foster diversity outside the traditional “ethnic” agencies, incorporating the best that different backgrounds bring to the table? How do we encourage young talent to study for careers in our industry?

Chair not assigned

Marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing & Public Relations Committee works with the local media to generate press and exposure for the AAF-Pensacola with the goal of enhancing the club’s image within the Pensacola Bay Area business community while cultivating membership prospects.  The committee will also oversee AAF-Pensacola branding efforts both in print and online; works to develop marketing materials/campaigns promoting the club.

The Marketing/Public Relations Committee

  • Sends all press releases to Social Media/Website committee for inclusion on the AAF Pensacola website and Facebook/Twitter pages.
  • Send monthly meeting announcement to local newspapers, radio, TV and calendars.
  • Send photos, meeting recaps to area and national advertising publications.
  • Prepare press releases to regularly promote the AAFG on a local, regional, and national basis via articles and photo.
  • Prepare and distribute release of all winners in ADDY competition to the local media.

Chair not assigned


Responsible for keeping our members informed about upcoming events, programs, special functions and general news using the 4th District AAF database e-mail application or other means when necessary. Ensures that information on the AAF-Pensacola website is current.

The Communications Committee

  • Maintains and updates and sends AAF Pensacola information for inclusion on the 4th District AAF site.
  • Communicates with members through social media, such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Produces the monthly e-newsletter.
  • Distributes email announcements to the membership.

Chair not assigned

Sponsorship / Fundraising

The Sponsorships Committee recommends and solicits sponsorship programs for the various events of AAF-Pensacola.  The committee will define levels of sponsorships, work with individual event committees on sponsorship efforts, and explore sustaining sponsorships for AAF-Pensacola.  In addition, the committee will develop and implement strategies for attracting new sponsors, solicit targeted sponsorships and ensure sponsor benefits are provided and sponsors are satisfied with their participation; develops sponsor “thank you” initiatives.

The Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee

  • Work with program committee to develop special event fundraisers.
  • Arrangements for special events, including food, location, volunteers, sponsors. etc.
  • Secures sponsorships for planned events.

Chair not assigned