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AAF Pensacola

About AAF Pensacola

The American Advertising Federation (AAF) is different from any other organization because we have a three-level, multi-dimensional network of professionals that represent all disciplines of advertising. Our goal is to educate advertising professionals and students, monitor legislative issues, recognize excellence, drive traffic to all businesses, and help build our economy.

About AAF Pensacola

If you produce, create, place, approve, plan, teach or study advertising, there’s a place for you in AAF Pensacola. Our membership spans all disciplines, and cuts across traditional as well as emerging mediums. AAF Pensacola encourages professional excellence and integrity and works to develop the next generation of advertising professionals. What’s more, we offer a variety of opportunities for members to get in there and give something back to the industry and to our community.

At the national level, AAF Pensacola is affiliated with the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the largest and oldest advertising trade association. Positioned as the Unifying Voice for Advertising, the AAF’s 40,000 members share a commitment to make advertising a positive force in America’s economy and culture. We are advocates for the rights of advertisers and we educate policy makers, the news media and the general public on the value that advertising brings to the well being of the nation.

Regionally, AAF Pensacola is part of the Fourth District, which includes 20 local ad clubs, three AD2 clubs and nine College Chapters in Florida and the Caribbean. Within the District, there are more than 2,000 members.

AAF Pensacola offers:

  • Industry knowledge and education through informative speakers at meetings and seminars
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas and network with your peers in the Pensacola Bay Area advertising community
  • Creative recognition through the ADDY Awards
  • Student scholarships, community outreach projects, public service campaigns
  • Recognition of professional achievement and service to the community through the Silver Medal Award
  • A Job Center where members can post jobs
  • Protection of your advertising interests both in Florida and in the nation’s capital through the American Advertising Federation, the lobbying arm of the industry
  • Social events offering you the opportunity to meet other advertising/marketing people


The mission of AAF Pensacola Bay is to provide and promote a better understanding of the functions of advertising and of its value; to apply the skills, creativity, and energy of the advertising industry whenever it is needed to help solve social problems; to advance the standards of advertising through a voluntary program of self-regulation; to promote good fellowship and a free exchange of ideas; and to have FUN doing it!


AAF Pensacola adheres to the following Advertising Principles of American Business:

  • TRUTH — Advertising shall tell the truth, and shall reveal significant facts, the omission of which would mislead the public.
  • SUBSTANTIATION — Advertising claims shall be substantiated by evidence in possession of the advertiser and the advertising agency, prior to making such claims.
  • COMPARISONS — Advertising shall refrain from making false, misleading, or unsubstantiated statements or claims about a competitor or his products or services.
  • BAIT ADVERTISING — Advertising shall not offer products or services for sale unless such offer constitutes a bona fide effort to sell the advertised products or services and is not a device to switch consumers to other goods or services, usually higher priced.
  • GUARANTEES and WARRANTIES — Advertising of guarantees and warranties shall be explicit, with sufficient information to apprise consumers of their principal terms and limitations. When space or time restrictions preclude such disclosures, the advertisement should clearly reveal where the full text of the guarantee or warranty can be examined before purchase.
  • PRICE CLAIMS — Advertising shall avoid price claims, which are false, or misleading, or savings claims which do not offer provable savings.
  • TESTIMONIALS — Advertising containing testimonials shall be limited to those of competent witnesses who are reflecting a real and honest opinion or experience.
  • TASTE and DECENCY — Advertising shall be free of statements, illustrations or implications that are offensive to good taste or public decency.

The primary objectives of the American Advertising Federation are:

  • TO PROMOTE a better understanding of the functions of advertising and its values among the public.
  • TO RECOGNIZE outstanding accomplishments in furthering the advertising profession and in its service to the community.
  • TO ENCOURAGE young people to enter advertising as a career, and to advance educational programs designed to strengthen the skills of advertising practitioners.
  • TO REFLECT industry views and concerns on public issues affecting advertising at the state and federal levels.